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Hello Parents and Players,

We wanted to pass along a sample College/Coach letter and email guidelines in preparation for the upcoming summer tournaments. Many folks have questions about what to include when emailing colleges prior to a recruiting event. We have attached examples you can utilize to start reaching out to schools of interest. The sample letters and email are very simple. They express interest in the school and focuses on delivering clear information on where and when to find the player on the field this summer.

For those who are very new to the process, most college lacrosse programs have coaches attending these summer events with massive lists of names to either cross off (not interested) or highlight (interested). Communication with these programs may be entirely non-existent, but someone may be interested in seeing you play without ever responding or contacting you directly. Our advice is to take this template, make it your own, and send it out to every possible school of potential interest. The coaches will take your info and put it into a master list, and then slowly start finding players who have emailed them at these events to either cross off or highlight. The most important prospects for colleges are the ones they think are interested in their program so do not be shy, a college will be more likely to seek you out if they think you have specific interest in their school.

Once again, cast a wide net and utilize this letter and email template. As always our Coaches and Directors are here to answer any questions, proof read any emails, or provide support in any other way possible.

All the best, 

4 Leaf Lacrosse New England

High School Directors and Coaches