Sixes Spring Challenge

Event overview

Dates: March 24th, 2024

Location: University of New Hampshire, Durham NH

Who: Boys + Girls Divisions

Divisions: U15 (7th, 8th); U13 (5th, 6th), U11 (3rd, 4th), U9 (1st, 2nd)


More Info

6 v 6 (goalie + 5 field players), 12 players per team

:30 second shot clock

8-minute running-time quarters

No specialist positions, just runners and goalies

Draws only at the start of each quarter


Elite Sixes Challenge will be open to all 1st - 8th grade players. Put the best players together from your town and compete for the Spring Challenge Cup! Build your own team to compete with friends or sign up as a Free Agent and be placed on a team!

No need for specialized skillsets, just lacrosse players! All teams will be guaranteed three games with the top two from each division advancing to a championship. 

Put together your best six to win it all! Recommended team size is 12 players. To reserve a team spot, please email


Players will find the pace of Sixes very fast and should be prepared for an up temp style playing at ends. The sixes format is action-packed emphasizing transitions and the importance of small space play.  With smaller fields, smaller rosters, standardized stick lengths and less specialization, players will be challenged to focus on the skills that have become critical in the field game


All teams will be guaranteed three games with the top two from each division advancing to a championship.


A natural evolution of the sport, sixes is at the intersection of field and box lacrosse, offering an inclusionary opportunity to all existing lacrosse players and an easier entry point for new athletes.

Sixes eliminates specialty positions that lead to competitive imbalance, features a level of physicality that is equally appealing to both men and women, and has reduced equipment and venue needs.

The discipline gained immediate and significant popularity globally, with leagues and events taking place at all levels. Sixes was featured for both men and women in The World Games 2022, and the discipline is at the center of lacrosse’s Olympic vision. The inaugural World Lacrosse Sixes Championships (men and women) will take place in 2026.